Friday, December 30, 2011

Synopsis of new book

I wrote and emailed the synopsis for my next manuscript for HRS to my editor. She read it, provided some great feedback and questions, and emailed it back to me. This is a huge advantage I have over when I was not contracted. It gives me the opportunity to address problems before submitting my manuscript.

I'm about 66,000 words into the first draft of this new book which needs to be 70,000 - 75,000 words when complete.

When I'm finished writing it, I need to address issues and layer in some elements which takes a few weeks.

Then a final polish and I'll be ready to submit.


  1. How exciting! It's great to have editorial feedback and guidance at the writing stage. Good luck with the rest of your book -- is it a series, or something completely new?

  2. The book I'm writing has a hero who was a secondary character from the first book. At the time I wrote the first book, I wasn't thinking of a spin-off, but I'm excited to write more books about these characters.