Friday, March 8, 2013

A Writer Friend

I have an amazing friend who is also a writer. As yet unpublished, I suspect from the quality of her work and the feedback she's received from editors and agents that it's a temporary situation.

One of the things that makes her so amazing is that in spite of life's occasional medical problems, day job work concerns, and here-and-there family hiccups, she still writes. And she still writes great books. She writes in the car, she writes in a notebook, she writes, writes, writes.

I won't out her identity on this blog. I have a feeling she would be embarrassed by all this praise, but she's absolutely a wonderful person to have in my life.

What spurred this post? After all, I've known this person for many years.

This week, after several back-and-forths with a publishing company over several months, she was given a rather... unprofessional... response from them. Details not important, her reaction was to say that the back-and-forth made the manuscript better and she planned to move on with her submissions.

That's another reason I know she'll be published soon. She doesn't give up. She works hard. She's the consummate professional.

I'll post details here when her book is released so you'll know where to purchase it!

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