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Silhouette Desire Pitch Contest

I didn't get a request (for a partial or full). The editor mentioned I could make some revisions and send in a query/ synopsis. And I found out the response time for queries is 3 months, meaning the one I sent in January was probably lost. Like Dora in Little Nemo, "keep swimming, keep swimming."

Silhouette Desire Pitch Contest and *Bonus*

The editors at Silhouette Desire selected my log line, along with eight others, to pitch on Wednesday. I was thrilled to be chosen and my friends and family got a "THEY PICKED ME!" email on Friday, no further explanation needed. Lots of exciting possibilities - a request for a partial or a full (!) followed by a personalized rejection (advice to improve) or offer of publication (The Call). I am trying to keep my hopes under wraps, but I'm a writer and my imagination routinely runs wild.