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2011 Writing Goals

Write and Revise: - Write 3 manuscripts targeted to Silhouette Romantic Suspense/ Harlequin Romantic Suspense - Revise 2 manuscripts with critique partner's help - Write/revise 1 hour per night on weekdays (except Friday), 2 hours per day on the weekends Read: - Keep looped into romantic suspense: read Harlequin's monthly romantic suspense titles (SRS/HRS) and read some Intrigues when possible - Explore other genres: read 6 books this year that aren't romance - Romance: read 1 romance, non-suspense book per month - New skills: read 1 book this year on writing techniques or self-editing Submit: - Submit 2 manuscripts for consideration to Harlequin Writing activities: - Participate more in Harlequin's forums - Enter contests on Harlequin's site that will help get my manuscripts published - Update this blog with my writing progress more often Business: - Keep up with reading agent and editor blogs and publishing news - Get a publishing contract