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The Maestro by C.J. Miller

Cover Art: Sweet and Spicy Designs Editing: Linda Edits Amazon: Get it now! Maestro Kieran Gallagher is a symphony brought to life. Hauntingly beautiful. Filled with breathtaking talent. And tragically untouchable. Rae Davis considers it the opportunity of a lifetime to work as the assistant to the virtuoso, until her feelings for him swell into an unrequited love. Unfortunately, the Maestro lives for his music, leaving him oblivious to all else. Pained by his clueless rejection, Rae throws away her dream and walks away. Only then does Kieran realize the passion to compose left with her. Without Rae, both his music and his life are barren and empty. Can he orchestrate a way to win her back? Or will the melody in his heart be silenced forever?