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Social Media and the Writer

I have a facebook account. I have a twitter account. I even have a pinterest account, although my password is locked and I haven't bothered to unlock it. Goodreads scares me a little because I love the book giveaway function and I would love to talk about books with other book lovers, but I've been warned by other authors to stay out of reader discussions (even about books outside my writing genre) or risk lash-back and drama. I am not sure what that's about entirely, but I am too old for drama and I don't have time for internet fights with strangers. It's not that I'm a technology-phobe. I'm not. Case in point: I have a masters degree in computer science. My reason for not using social media more is that I don't have time for it. At least, not the time required to use it in a way that I find meaningful and productive. Not to start off the firestorm of "what does busy really mean?" and "why can't you just log in throughout the da