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#TBR Challenge Februrary 2021 - New-To-You Author *REVIEW*

I purchased Taking the Heat by Victoria Dahl last summer. I picked it up half a dozen times and could not get into it, but so many romance readers rave about it, so I promised myself I'd finish it. This book took off at 15%. There are so many great things in this story.  The main characters have friendships, hobbies, and jobs they enjoy. The heroine has left NYC after learning it was not for her. I feel like so often heroes/heroines seek city life as an accomplishment, and as someone who loves the quiet of suburbia, I enjoyed reading the opposite. The hero is a hot librarian who likes to read, rock climb, and is very into pleasing his heroine.  They both have issues with their families that they work out and I enjoyed seeing them find strength from each other and within themselves. The chemistry is hot, and the romance is on point. CW: bullying, suicide attempt 

#TBR Challenge Februrary 2021 - New-To-You Author

 In 2020, with so much time at home, I got into podcasts. I'd put on my wireless headphones and go out into the garden and weed, water, and plant. Most of the podcasts I like are romance novel related and one, in particular, Fated Mates, recommends a lot of different authors. They are responsible for at least a dozen books on my TBR. This month's #TBRChallenge pick is a New-To-You Author. I've selected Victoria Dahl's Taking the Heat .  I only started using GoodReads a couple of years ago, but I have no other Victoria Dahl books there, and none of her titles seem familiar. I've started this book several times and had trouble staying focused, but this is the month!