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Line Edits

If you've been following my progress in preparing my contracted book for publication, the next step in the publication process is completing line edits. I was given a week to complete this task. Line edits are revisions to the completed manuscript, but less intensive than the story revisions I completed earlier. My editor made notes throughout the manuscript for me to address. Line edits included: 1. changing words (for example, in cases where I use the same word(s) or phrase close together). 2. adding clarification to scene details or removing sentences/phrases that didn't fit 3. moving sentences around to make the scene/emotions flow smoother My editor also: 1. added missing words 2. corrected words / sentences 3. added missing / removed extra punctuation

How I Avoid Writer's Block

I've never had writer's block. I don't allow myself to believe in it. I tell myself I am too busy to waste my limited writing time NOT putting words on the page. I turn off the TV. I close my internet browser. I go to a quiet place in the house. I keep book and story ideas in a spreadsheet and use it when I need inspiration. I have days when the words don't flow as well or when I've written myself into a corner and don't know how to take the current scene into the next one. I've also had days when I write complete garbage that has to be deleted and redone. I resolve this by either (1.) writing something completely new. (2.) skipping over the current problem scene and starting with the new scene. I know I'll have to come back at some point and resolve the problem, but by then, I'll have been thinking it over and will have some fresh take on the scene. I also think it's important to my creative process to read. Not just romance novels, bu

Book Promo

The closer it gets to the month my book will be released, the more I've been thinking about how to promote my book. Social media - twitter, facebook, blogs, and google+. Online advertising, newsletters, and book tours. It can get overwhelming fast. This post by Maisey Yates struck a chord: The Most Important Thing

New submission to HRS

This past weekend, I emailed a query, synopsis, and new manuscript to my editor at Harlequin Romantic Suspense. I wrote, critiqued, revised and organized the submission in 4 months. Four months was my target time frame when I started writing the book in October 2011. I wanted to know if it was possible for me to complete a book in 16 weeks, especially one that is longer in length. (The new word count for HRS is 70-75,000 words.) Turns out, it's completely possible. I didn't feel as though I needed to go to any extremes (skipping sleep, canceling plans, missing events) to meet it either. I have my fingers crossed that Harlequin will want to buy it! The day after I submitted the manuscript, I started my next manuscript. I already had an idea and outline lodged in my mind, so it was easy going. I was talking to another writing buddy and she mentioned that it helps her to take a break between books. I haven't taken days off from writing since I had my son a little ove

F.A.Q. How many books have you written?

I've written 1 contracted soon-to-be published book with Harlequin Romantic Suspense . At last count, I have written 16 complete manuscripts and dozens of partial manuscripts and scenes I wrote for practice.