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#TBRCHALLENGE For July 2021 - Secrets and Lies *REVIEW*

This month's #TBRCHALLENGE is Secrets and Lies. One of my favorite Harlequin category lines is Desire, which are great for secrets and lies. This month, I read Blame it on the Billionaire by Naima Simone. Ms. Simone is a new to me author and I've loved almost everything I've read by her. Blame it on the Billionaire is part of the Blackout Billionaire's series, and I enjoyed each book of that series. In this book, after a tryst during a blackout, the heroine doesn't tell the hero that she's an employee at his company (lie #1). The hero and heroine end up in a fake engagement (lie #2). Both the hero and heroine have secrets that could tear them apart, but their sizzling chemistry keeps them coming back together. This author is expert at writing emotion. The pacing is tight and the characters are delightful. I highly recommend this book! If you want to participate in the #TBRCHALLENGE, the details are here .