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Homeschooling Resources: Best Educational Shows on Netflix

Our Favorite Educational Shows on Netflix for Elementary aged Students: 1. Brainchild 2. Sid the Science Kid 3. If I Were an Animal 4. The Magic School Bus and the Magic School Bus Rides Again 5. The Who Was? Show 6. Disney Nature Oceans  7. Growing Up Wild  8. Leap Frog: Letter Factory, Number Land, Phonics Farm, Sing-Along, Read-Along 9. Ask the Storybots  10. The Cat and the Hat Knows a Lot About That 

Homeschooling Resources : Websites Where Kids Can Listen to Stories for Free

Websites where kids can listen to stories for free:    The Good and the Beautiful Bedtime Stories Audible Stories for Kids  Story Online 

Homeschooling Kindergarten on a Dime

Like many American parents, I find myself unexpectedly homeschooling. My oldest children will be distance learning with their school (that's a whole separate post) and I will be homeschooling my kindergartener.  In my state, I need to provide rigorous, thorough instruction in 8 subject areas: English mathematics science social studies art music health physical education My highest priorities for kindergarten are math and English/Language Arts (ELA). I want my daughter to have a strong foundation before moving into 1st grade. I also did not want a fully online course, as she seems to prefer working on paper.  Reading : I taught my daughter to read using Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons . The Good and the Beautiful : I chose this curriculum for Math and ELA. Right now, the first four weeks are free via PDF from The Good and Beautiful website so you can try it out or get started right away. We tried both courses, scrolling through the PDF on the computer and loved them. Th