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All the Romance Tropes (that I can think of)

*** Most books contain several or many tropes *** Accidental Cuddling (see also Only One Bed) Accidentally falling/tripping into one another Accidental text / email or phone call Adopting a baby/child Alien Alpha Hero Amnesia/Fugue state Anti-hero Arranged Marriage Avenging a Death   Baby On The Doorstep: this might be an actual baby left for hero or heroine, or someone close to the hero/heroine leaving them unexpectedly in charge of a child Bad Boy / Rebel Bachelor Auction Beards  Best Friend’s sibling Beta Hero  Big family and lots of family dynamics  Books Ends (location): have the book start and end in the same place, but the hero/heroine are drastically different from the start of the book Boss/Employee: must have explicit consent – no dubious consent, the subordinate has agency Billionaire (Golden Sand by C.J. Miller) Bodyguard Romance Boss/Employee Bridesmaid / Groomsman Affair  Broken Hero/Heroine: may feel unworthy of love Bromance Brother