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MuseTrack Agent Shop

One of my dream agents is participating in MuseTrack's Agent Shop . Agent Shop is a way for writers to pitch their manuscripts electronically. The basic idea is at a predetermined time, the moderator of MuseTracks posts "GO" and everyone who wants to pitch their work emails their pitch. The first 30 (that follow the rules) pitches are posted. The contest was set to start at 10am. At 9:50, I had both my computers on - one with the MuseTrack website up and one with my gmail account open with the pitch prepped and ready to send. Due to some technical difficulties "GO" wasn't posted until 2pm. You'd think during that four hours (yes, some of which I thought it had been cancelled, I had missed it, I had internet problems in which somehow only that page wasn't refreshing, and/or I had the wrong date) I would give up. Nope. Didn't give up. For four hours (some of which, I had my husband take over the computer, so I could eat, etc.), I hit F5 on m