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RWA starts tomorrow

The RWA conference starts tomorrow. I haven't received a letter from HRS regarding my submission. This means 3 possible situations: 1. they sent a reply and my mailman lost it / gave it to the wrong address (this happens routinely) 2. my manuscript is still under consideration and I could be receiving a call from Harlequin any day now. (I am still not at the 3 month mark for follow ups) 3. the response is en route at this moment Let's hope it's #2.

Taking care of the little things

When I purchased my car over a year ago, the dealership placed a sticker advertising their place on the back. It wasn't a large sticker, but it bothered me. Buying a car was not a good experience (the games! the stress! the pressure!), I didn't think I needed to provide free advertising in the form of an ugly crown-shaped sticker. Over time, the sticker cracked and chipped and looked plain awful. Every time I saw that sticker, I glared at it. I finally decided to do something about it. A few squirts of DW-40, a paper towel and a little rubbing, and that sticker is good as gone. I will never have to look at it marring my car again! Why I didn't do this sooner, I have no idea. Ten minutes will save me hundred of moments of irritation, however minor. My new resolution: do what I can to make life less stressful, however small, and be more relaxed overall! What small irritants could you take care of day and never have to think about again? Crooked picture frame? Scuff mark

Clearing out their desks

Over on some of my writing boards, some writers are speculating that editor and agents will want to clear out their desks prior to the RWA conference in early July to make room for new requests. This could mean a slew of rejections/request/revisions going out in the next few weeks. I wonder if my response will be among them!