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The Next Book

I have more ideas for stories than I have time to write them. The bigger problem is whether I can turn a story into a full length manuscript with enough conflict and twists to make it interesting and that others will want to read. I am writing the final chapter of my third book targeted for Harlequin Romantic Suspense and the next book idea that is nagging me isn't a romantic suspense. It's a contemporary romance. I've written a plot outline for the book and no where did suspense elements appear. Not even a sliver of one. I'm trying to decide with my very limited writing time: should I follow my muse and write the contemporary romance, or stick to romantic suspense and work on one of my dozen ideas in my idea file. (Yes, I actually have a file where I keep my book ideas). Or both. I could write both at the same time.

Author Alterations (AAs)

I received my Author Alterations from Harlequin today. This is the last opportunity I'll have to make changes. The next time I see my book, it will be in print! I need to read the manuscript carefully and look for problems. I feel confident that most of the issues have been worked out during revisions, line edits, and copy edits. Still, it's good to check that nothing is drastically wrong! I'm not sure any book is 100% perfect. I've read New York Times bestsellers that have had grammar issues. I even read one where during the final scene, the heroine called the hero by her brother's name. I have two and a half weeks to review this document and send back any changes.


I received my copy edits from Harlequin. The copy editor processed the changes my editor and I made to the manuscript, and made grammar, spelling, and formatting corrections. She had a few suggestions for additional edits, including an inconsistency in character introspection, a dialogue change, and a legal process that needed clarification. Overall, not too difficult. For those keeping track of timing and other post-call activities, I was given four days to complete them.

My book is available for pre-order!

Hiding His Witness is available for pre-order from Amazon and Barnes and Noble ! I wonder if every book will bring this much of a thrill. It's still about 6 months until the release date, but it's starting to seem real.