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#TBR Challenge April 2021 - Old School *REVIEW*

For the #tbrchallenge for April, I read an Old School novel. I chose A Hunger Like No Other, which was published in 2006. I'd read this book before and I loved it every bit as much the second time. It's such a compelling, dramatic, fun, sexy read. For those new to paranormal romance, the hero is alpha to the extreme. The heroine is a little of a Mary Sue at the beginning of the book, but she finds her own and figures herself out by the end. There's quite a bit of violence on the page and the hero is the definition of torrid and tortured. Having read the rest of the series, I could see the groundwork being laid in the world and met a lot of future heroes/heroines in this one. Want to participate in the #tbrchallenge? Details here . 

#TBR Challenge April 2021 - Old School

 I had to change my original pick for this month. I tried reading a historical romance and I could not get into it ... I think I overdid it on historicals in 2020 and I've burned out on them. Instead, I've decided to do a re-read of Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series . I've been saving the first season of the podcast Fated Mates until I could do a refresher on the books. I read them so long ago, a lot of the books are meshing together in my head. From what I recall, there's a fairly complex world of immoral beings with different rules and skills.  I'll be reading A Hunger Like No Other  originally published in 2006.