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The 3rd book in the Truman brother miniseries!

If you've read Hiding His Witness, you know Reilly has two equally amazing brothers. Brady's book will be published in the fall of 2013 (it seems like a long wait, doesn't it?). The 3rd brother, Harris, will have his book published at the end of 2013 or early 2014. The most fun news from my editor was that HRS offered my last contract as a two book contract! I'll start work on that book soon after I get my thoughts organized.

The Winner!

The winner of a signed copy of Hiding His Witness is... *drumroll, please* Jessica Lewis! Jessica, please email me (cj AT cj-miller DOT COM) your mailing address and I'll get your copy in the mail this weekend! I hope everyone had fun and GOOD LUCK with the GRAND PRIZE !

Harlequin Holiday Open House - Clue #3 The Hero

Thank you to ISAFMEDIA for this photo. A Killer Christmas Clue #3: Nicholas not only had to finish the marathon, he had to finish it in better time than Michael. Being the first in their squad to cross the finish line would mean a lot to him. Pride and bragging rights were at stake. He had been training for months. A few feet to his left, Jessica was putting her all into the run and wearing a pair of running pants that showed off her athletic figure. Not that she needed to put in much effort to look good. Jessica was beautifully strong and incredibly sexy. Nicholas turned his focus back to the race. Their team had to finish ahead of Michael’s. Your clue is : The Sexy Marine To play A Killer Christmas : Gather other clues here . To Win the Grand Prize, an HRS Book Bundle : Save this clue to enter it here by 6pm EST for a chance to win an HRS Book Bundle! To Win a copy of Hiding His Witness : Who makes the best hero? The rugged cowboy? The rogue detective? The cute firema