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I've been thinking about buying an e-reader. I usually read paperbacks or use my laptop, but neither fits neatly into my handbag. I would never be caught bored in a long line / waiting for a show to start / waiting for a seat in a restaurant if I had an e-reader. Recently, we've had to clear out closet and bookshelf space, and I had to part with some paperbacks. If I had those same books on an e-reader, I wouldn't have had to let them go! If only I could load all my favorite books onto the e-reader without re-buying copies. Any suggestions for one e-reader over another? Pros and cons?

Deep in Revisions on Book 2

I received a revise and resubmit letter from my editor at Harlequin. It took about 3 months from the time I sent my query and manuscript to receive the letter. She made some great suggestions and I feel like I should have seen some of the problems in the novel. Her ideas sparked other ideas, and I am in the midst of major revisions. Major, as in I deleted 30,000 words of 73,000 word novel. If I can keep to my schedule, I should be able to resubmit within 4 weeks, my goal for revisions.

Great items and a great cause

Brenda Novak's Annual Auction for the Cure for Diabetes: Many exciting items for readers and writers and it's all for a good cause! I'm scrolling through the hundreds of items and deciding which ones I'd like to bid on. Autographed copies of books! Critiques!