#TBRCHALLENGE May 2021 - Fairy Tale or Folktale *REVIEW*

 Welcome back to the #TBRCHALLENGE for May 2021. This month's theme is Fairytale or Folktale, but I didn't know how to search my books for that particular theme.

I picked the next closest thing I had - Dukes!

This month I read (most of) Duke I'd like to F... A Historical Romance Anthology.

I bought this anthology last year. I was unfamiliar with most of the authors. I don't read many novellas because I have a hard time connecting with characters when the format is so short. Each novella was so different, so I want to comment on them individually.

The Chasing of Eleanor Vane by Sierra Simone: This novella is the first in the anthology and I had a hard time connecting with the premise. I wasn't convinced that the hero and heroine would actually wind up with a happy ending despite their strong physical, instant attraction to each other. The world in which the duke wanted to live was so far removed from the heroine's life.

Duke for Hire by Nicola Davidson - This was my favorite story in the anthology and I've discovered an author I love who is now a MUST BUY. The dialogue, the teasing between the hero and heroine, the witty characters, and the fun premise were so well done. I enjoyed every word of this story.

An Education in Pleasure by Eva Leigh - I enjoyed this story. It kicks off strong with an older woman, younger man couple. She teaches him a thing or two. Pretty hot.

The Duke Makes Me Feel by Adriana Herrera - I love stories about healers, so this one had a great premise. I felt like the relationship between the hero and heroine was a little stilted and there were some very non-historical phrases that jolted me a bit. The heroine seemed so free and forward-thinking and the hero uptight. Lots of dirty talk and my fingers were crossed for this couple.

My Dirty Duke by Joanna Shupe - Lost some sleep reading this book. TBH I've read this author before and didn't connect with the characters, but this novella was great. Hot, to the point, and unputdownable. Older man, younger woman, and I loved that the heroine, despite being innocent, wasn't naive and shy. She knew what she wanted and she went for it. 


  1. I have thi from KU but DNF'd the first story. I should give the second a go.

    1. The first novella was a tough one for me too, but that Nicola Davidson one was absolutely delightful. Hope you enjoy it too!

    2. This sounds great! The cover definitely grabbed my attention. I like an anthology once in a while. Putting it on my wishlist.


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