What did I send?

I thought it might be helpful to include what exactly I sent in my revision package:

- brief letter to the editor thanking her for the opportunity, reminding her what my story was about, and letting her know I had made the changes she'd suggested

- self-address stamped postcard (can be purchased from USPS) so the editor can drop it in the mail when she opens the package. This is piece of mind for me that the package wasn't lost en route.

- revised synopsis (4 pages double-spaced) Eharlequin guidelines specify a two-page single-spaced synopsis, but their example shows a double-spaced synopsis. When I asked for clarification from eharl (always follow specification!) the response was to send it double-spaced.

- self addressed return envelope with postage (not to hold the manuscript, I don't need that returned, just a regular letter sized for a response from the editor)

- cover page with my contact information and information about the book (title, word count, author name)

- full manuscript

I then put everything into a Tyvek 10x13 envelope, addressed it to the editor, wrote "requested materials" on the outside, and mailed it!


  1. Whoot!

    Congrats on making your deadline and getting the manuscript back out.

    All fingers and toes crossed you hear good news back!


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