Next Steps - Revisions, Contract, Author Photo, New Manuscript

Since The Call, I've been busy. I've received some additional revisions on my manuscript and I've set them as my first priority. They are not due until January 2012, but I'd like to mail them off before the holiday.

I received my contract from Harlequin, which I've read and had my roommate from college, now a copyright/patent lawyer, review, read, and help me understand the legal nitty-gritty. I had a few follow-up questions and am waiting to hear back about them.

I received information about promotions through programs that Harlequin offers to their authors. I need to follow up on this.

I've done promotional research on my own and compiled a list of To Do tasks. When I have this list out of draft form, I'll post it here in case it helps someone else on a similar path with the same questions I have.

I've been thinking about getting an author portrait/photograph taken to be used on my website and other promotional items. I'm trying to decide:
1. What should I wear?
2. What background should I use?
3. How should I stand/pose?
4. Which photographer should I use? (this one is the most tricky - most photographers I've talked to only do weddings/baby photo shoots and others want to charge $1500 for a photo session - that's a bit steep for a single picture)

I've also been working on my next book. The hero is the brother of the hero in my current book. The word count will be higher (70-75,000 words). This is the first time I am writing the book and sending it out for critiques simultaneously. I'm hoping to have it completed by the end of the year.


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