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I'm hard at work on revisions for Double Witness. Harlequin offered me a contract on the book, but revisions are part of the process! I'm glad for the suggestions (admittedly, it would be awesome to have a perfect book out of the gate, but I'm not perfect and neither is my writing).

As part of the revisions, I have to read the entire book in one day. It's the only way all the pieces of the story stay in my head in a way that I can be analytical and see inconsistencies. If I write something else / sleep / have long breaks between sections, I forget some of the details of the story and I can't be sure it reads smoothly start to finish.

I managed to carve out time yesterday to do an all-in-one sitting read through. Overall, I'm happy with the revisions I've completed.

Writers - how do you handle revisions? What techniques have you found work best?


  1. You can do it! It is hard to read your own stuff straight through without marking things. I actually had to lock up all my colored ink pens when editing my last. Never had Revisions, of the official variety, just for my own editing I need to do the reading like you said. Hard, but you can do it!

    Lock up the office supplies. No pens, postits or index cards allowed! At the most, all you can do is mark the page with a colored paperclip so that you know you wanted to look at something there later :)

    (Or however you want, I'm just being bossypants.)

  2. @Amalie - those are good suggestions! Typically, I'm an on-screen reviser. I go nuts using MS Word Comment and Track Changes function.


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