What's Changed Since the Call

1. I've had to embrace social media. I've had a facebook account for years, but now I need to use it. And post tweets. And learn what a tweet IS.

2. I've been asked two main questions about my book: what's it about? (this is where my elevator pitch prep comes in) and are there love scenes? This second question is strange to me. It's a romance. There are love scenes. I get the sense they are really asking, "is the book erotic?" (it is not) and I think for non-readers of romance those two things might be synonymous: love scene & explicit descriptions (keeping this PG).

3. I am very aware of the schedule. I've written every day for years and have written hundreds of pages, millions of words. But now, I know what I am writing is for a purpose: to be published for HRS by a certain time. I haven't figured out if I have the time to write a random story on a whim, just for fun. I have a feeling I will have to make time since that's part of the process and when an idea strikes, I need to put it to paper.

4. Now that I'm "out there" so many romance writers have e-introduced themselves and made me feel welcome. I feel like I am part of some cool exclusive club. Granted, a junior member of said club, but a cool club nonetheless.


  1. Hi it is nice to have you as a friend on my facebook and I can understand what you wrote about keeping it PG. I started reading books that were PG. But now as an adult I am open to all sorts of gender romances. I guess you have to be, in romance it can be anything. If it have a story with love and ends well you will enjoy what you have read. Again a pleasure, hope to see your book and grab it and read them as I did as I first started that got me hooked to be a writer too. Hopefully I can be in the ranks of being an author. Not just saying taking action. Ana Torres.

  2. @Ana - I'm a huge romance reader as well because I love a happy ever after too.


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