My First Book Title

My first book with Harlequin Romantic Suspense has an official title:

Hiding His Witness

I love it. So excited. Thrilled, in fact.

Most of the Harlequin books I've read have titles that clearly spell out what the book is about and mine is no exception. I had some other title suggestions, including one that my editor also had thought of and liked, but the title can't be too similar to other books due out around the time mine is released.


  1. I like it. Exciting! The suspense-based lines always have good titles. I am targeting Medical/Presents/Blaze, and Blaze has fun titles, but while I love the Medical line, the titles make me cringe. They always sound like an ingredients list to bake a book.

  2. LOL about the Medical line. I have a friend who says she reads certain romance books in spite of their titles, not because of them.


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