e-book pricing

Since receiving a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas, which I love and have been enjoying so much more than I thought I would, I am much crankier about e-book prices. I get irritated when I see a paperback version of a book (purchased new) is more expensive than the e-book.

I have found I prefer to buy the e-book (thanks to my ever-growing family of readers, shelf space is at a premium around here) and when deciding between two books, I will choose the book I can get for the Kindle less expensively.

I cannot be the only reader who feels this way. It makes me worry when I see my e-books listed at the same price or higher than the paperback version. I don't set the prices and I have no say in how my books are priced. But I think competitively pricing Harlequin e-book could help drive sales.



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