Busy Writer Mom: moving and looking for a new house

My husband and I have sold the house we've lived in for the last eight year and we're looking for another house. I thought the selling process was difficult - keeping the house spotless, leaving at a moment's notice for house showings, and negotiating a contract.

Finding our next house is proving challenging as well.

We have a great real estate agent, but I'm having flashbacks to when I bought our first home. I think I repressed some of the memories because the process was so traumatic :)

1. Please don't call it a bedroom if it's really a closet. The ability to jam a camping cot inside a space does not suffice as a bedroom. If I can't fit a twin bed in it, it's not a bedroom.

2. Is it an unwritten rule that if it's a foreclosure or short sale, the previous owner must trash the house to the point that it is unlivable? What are they proving by ripping the front off the kitchen cabinets? Putting out cigarettes on the wall? Punching drywall? Kicking in doors?

3. If the listing says it "needs some TLC" or "has great potential", all I can assume is that it has four walls and a roof, but either or both probably have holes in them.

4. If the listing says it's "convenient to/easy access to", it means the backyard IS the six-lane interstate I-95.

5. As we're packing, I'm wondering how I collected so many things. On the plus side, I have several large bags of household items to donate. My rule is : if I haven't used it in 5 years, I don't need it, and someone else can make better use of it.

Have you bought or sold a house? Had any problems? Commiserate in the comments.


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