Things I thought would change when I became a writer (but didn't)

FANTASY #1: I would be asked a lot of about my writing because the person asking wants to publish their book too.

REALITY #1: Family and friends occasionally inquire about my books.

I receive the occasional email from readers about my book.

I haven't had anyone who has written a book ask about my experiences. I have had people say they've thought about writing a book, but don't have the time.

I could talk for hours about my books and publishing in general, but I try to temper how much I say. Not everyone wants to listen to me endlessly gush about make-believe characters or being an author. At the same time, I need to work on self-promotion. I am never sure how to respond to, "you're a real writer? like with a book?" Uhm, yes and yes.

I also believe everyone has at least one book in them. All they have to do is get it on paper.

FANTASY #2: I would be recognized while out and about.

REALITY#2: Nope. Hasn't happened. I am glad for that. Although I predict the first time I am recognized, I'll be wearing yoga pants and a stained shirt, sneakers, with messy hair and running low on caffeine and sleep.

FANTASY #3: Writing would be easier and somehow I'd have less revisions.

REALITY #3: This is partly true. I make fewer 10,000 word mistakes, like letting my books veer off in a strange direction. I also know immediately when what I'm writing is totally off the mark. I still make revisions, usually several rounds worth.

FANTASY #4: Everyone I know will friend/like my author facebook account, write reviews, and buy copies of my book.

REALITY #4: Some do, some don't. Some tell me they'll buy the book and don't. Some buy the book and never read it. Some buy the book, read it and write a review. Any and all support is appreciated. I have a warm place in my heart for every reader who's contacted me to let me know what they thought of my book. It feels great to know someone has read and enjoyed it.

Ever had a dream come true? How close was it to the picture in your head? Was it ever better than you imagined?


  1. Don't feel bad about self-promoting yourself b/c people do want to hear about your writing! I personally have to work on that, but just know there is a difference between bragging and self-promotion, mostly in that you have something good to say and the other party wants to hear it! Thanks for sharing this post!


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