DIY Wizarding Potion Kit

One of my kids' favorite toys this year are the wizard and witch wands that they made at the library from chopsticks and hot glue.

Seriously, they play with the wands every day.

I had the idea to make them a potions kit.


measuring spoons

plastic spice bottles with lids



craft sticks (as mixers)

vinegar, spices, glitter, baking soda, Pop Rocks, grass, rocks (food store, craft store, or found outside)

Ideas to label the spice bottles:
nightshade essence
porcupine quills (dried pine needles)
moonstone dust (white glitter)
ground unicorn hoof (colored glitter mixed)
octopus powder (orange spice mixed with glitter)
rose oil
pond water (white vinegar)
dragon drool (rubbing alcohol)

The potions:
Pop Rocks + Soda = fizzing
Vinegar + baking soda = bubbling
(I'm still working on this part of the kit, and will post more details when I'm finished)

It's one of the gifts I'm most exciting about giving them for Christmas!


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