#TBRCHALLENGE For June 2021 - Book with One Word Title *REVIEW*

CW: suicide, priest sexual abuse (not by the hero)

 I had shockingly few choices for this month's #TBRCHALLENGE - book with a one-word title.

I read Priest by Sierra Simone. This book has been recommended on the romance podcast Fated Mates.

As a former Catholic, there were a lot of things in this book that made me gasp (Catholic guilt digs in deep). The priest is the hero of the story and he uses his sacred items to perform sexual acts on the heroine. Explicit events happen in the confessional. Chrism oil is used. His rope belt is used. So this is not the right book for someone who'd find this blasphemous.

The book also deals with the problems in the Catholic Church with sexual abuse of children and how this has broken the trust of many people and ruined lives and families.

On a personal note, I have an uncle who left the priesthood for a woman (an adult, consenting woman). It's a very hush-hush thing in our family that doesn't get spoken of often, but essentially my uncle met a parishioner who sang in the choir, fell in love with her, and left the priesthood. It was scandalous for certain members of our family who believed he was/is now destined for hell (I don't believe this at all cause honestly, he's an awesome person). The priesthood is lonely and the Catholic Church is controlling. But that's a convo for another day.

Back to the book.

I'd recommend this for mature audiences. This is a very spicy, explicit book. I don't know if the love scenes were extra hot because of the forbidden nature of the relationship. But this author can write angst to the max. I also appreciate the HEA. I've been picking up too many books billed at romances that end on cliffhangers. This one ends really cute and happy for most everyone. 

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  1. I have this on my tbr! It was really buzzy for a while, must have been when it was mentioned on the pod cast. Sounds spicy, not one I'd necessarily read in public, lol, but can't wait to get to it.

    1. That cover would def earn some double takes in public! It really was shocking in parts - in a good way!

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